The Owner’s goal was to find a restaurant architect to create an approachable, comfortable neighborhood place to meet and eat – something lacking in this part of Greenville.  The Laurens Road corridor needed dining establishments that weren’t fast food.

The Owner wanted LMG Architects to design a restaurant. However, the concept helped him to advance his overall sustainability goals. It started with a decision to reuse one of the two original buildings. LMG studied the feasibility of each option, and they determined that the location closest to Laurens Road was best. However, being close to a busy thoroughfare brings other challenges. The overall design focused on efficiency and reuse of materials, including the building shell. In the end, LMG used salvaged and repurposed materials to create many of the best design features.

Usually a restaurant architect is concerned with functional and aesthetic concerns, but LMG teamed with the Owner to create something unlike anything else in Greenville. Due to its building design, its sourcing of food, and Kitchen Sync‘s overall operations, the Owner received one of the highest ratings from the Green Restaurant Association.


Commercial / Resturant


Greenville, SC

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Kitchen Sync has attained one of the highest ratings from the Green Restaurant Association.